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What is Traktor Bible PLUS?

Firstly, I would like to thank you for buying the Traktor Bible. Without your support I would not be able to spend as much time as I do, to provide you with the most precise and comprehensive resource about Traktor that is available.

Traktor Bible PLUS is a free but exclusive service for all owners of any book edition of Traktor Bible. Traktor Bible PLUS allows you to access additional tutorials and workshops. With Traktor Bible PLUS you can download free updates to the book; these updates will be available whenever Native Instruments releases a major update for Traktor.

What is new in Traktor 2.5/2.6?
Traktor 2.5 Finally! The Traktor Bible update for version 2.6.8 has arrived. More than 100 pages with new information!

Thanks for your patience.


What is new in Traktor 2.1.1?
This free update PDF covers all changes and new features in Traktor version 2.1.1.

    Traktor 2.1


Broadcasting with Traktor 2
This tutorial series explains how to broadcast with Traktor 2.

Part 1: Broadcasting with own IceCast Server (Windows 7)

Part 2: Broadcasting in OGG Format with (Windows 7/Mac OS X)

Part 3: Broadcasting in MP3 Format with Traktor Kontrol S4 (Windows 7/Mac OS X)

Part 4: Broadcasting in MP3 Format when using external mixing mode (Windows 7/Mac OS X)



Implementing Fader Start Features

Fader Start
One of the praised options of the Pioneer DDJ-T1 controller (released in March 2011) is the so called „channel fader start“ feature: if you open the channel fader of one deck, the corresponding track automatically starts to play.

The fader start feature can be implemented for any MIDI controller available. As you will see in this tutorial you can map fader start either to the cross fader of your controller or to the individual channel/volume faders.

You will see also why this does not work when using Traktor Kontrol S4 in its native NHL mode.

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Loop Recorder and Sample Decks (Traktor 2)
The Loop Recorder and the Sample Decks are the main new features of Traktor 2. This update contains all information you need to know to make the best out of these new functionality.

Sample Slot
NOTE: No need to download this update if you have Traktor 2 Bible, as the information is available in the book.


Older Updates (for Traktor before Version 2)

Traktor Pro Bible Traktor Bible, Second Edition
The following list shows all updates that were prepared for the first two editions of Traktor Bible (the 'yellow' edition and the 'blue edition').

If you own Traktor 2 Bible (the 'red' edition), you do not need these updates, as the information they contains is available in youf book.

  • What is new in Traktor 1.2.3?
    This update explains all changes and new features available in Traktor 1.2.3.

  • Tags and MP3, FLAC and WAV files
    There have been some small and and big changes how Traktor handles tags. This PDF shows where Traktor stores the tags and how it integrates with iTunes and where problems can arise.

  • Tempo-based Automation of FX Settings and other Deck Parameters
    This PDF shows one of the undocumented features of Traktor and explains how to implement some kind of tempo-based automation by clever use of the mapping possibilities.
    I won't tell more now, all details and and example will be available in this PDF.
  • New and Changed in 1.2.1
    This update is an extended and re-worked version of the PDF I made available during the Public Beta Test phase for Traktor 1.2.
    This new version of the PDF is based on the relased Traktor versiopn 1.2.1. The PDF lists chapter by chapter what has changed from Traktor 1.1.2 to Traktor 1.2.
    If you haven't updated yet it is worth reading the PDF before you make the switch to 1.2.1.
  • Hotcues and Quantization
    This PDF shows how Traktor calculates the target position for quantized jumps to hotcues.
  • LED Output
    This update shows how to use the LED output features of Traktor. The PDF starts with a simple tutorial, explains the output-only MIDI commands, and shows how the settings for Controller Range and MIDI Range impact the output.
    LED output was not covered in Traktor Pro Bible. This update is an extract from Traktor Bible, Second Edition, where LED output is explained in chapter 6.


How to access the Traktor Bible PLUS content

To access the additional tutorials and workshops and to download the updates, first create a free account for the Traktor Bible website.

Once you activated yoour account, login, click in the main navigation bar on Account and then on Plus Account/Activation.

Once your Traktor Bible PLUS account is activated, you can access the additional stuff on the website and the download links are visible.