Traktor 2.5: Mapping Command Changes

This page contains all the new information regarding the removed, new or renamed mapping commands in Contoller Manager. Use the Quick Finder or the table in the lower section of the page to find the location of a command that you are missing. Or download the PDF with the official Traktor Bible "Mapping Command De-Confuser".



Will my "old" mappings work in Traktor 2.5?

Yes, they should work. All renamed mapping commands will show up in Traktor 2.5 with their new names. One special case are the FX commands. In Traktor 2.5 there are no more different commands anymore for FX Single Mode and FX Group Mode. Both modes can be mapped with the commands from the FX Unit submenu. During the import of old mappings, the FX commands are converted in a way that they should work in Traktor 2.5.


Quick Finder

Looking for the new command name? Enter the old name here:


The Traktor Bible Mapping Commands De-Confuser

De-ConfuserConfused by all renamed and moved mapping commands?

You want to have a complete overview of all changes made to the mapping commands always at hand?

Then download the PDF with the Mapping Commands De-Confuser we have prepared for you.

Click to download the PDF in a ZIP file





Removed Commands

The following mapping commands have been removed in Traktor 2.5. The deleted commands can be categorized into two groups:

Commands that are deleted during the import of a mapping that was created in an earlier version.

  • Browser | List | List Detect BPM
  • Browser | List | List Restore AutoGain
  • Master Clock | Phase Sync
  • Mixer | Input Select
  • Sample Deck | Gain
  • Sample Deck | Phase Sync
  • Sample Deck | Save Sample
  • Sample Deck | Seek Position
  • Sample Deck | Tempo Bend
  • Commands that are available for imported mappings from earlier versions, and that cannot be mapped in the new version of Traktor.

    • Cue/Loops | Jump to active Cue Point (quantized)
    • Sample Deck | Deck Play
    • Transport | Scratch


    New Commands

    The following commands were added in Traktor 2.5. All new commands concern the remix decks:

    • Browser | List | Expand Remix Set
    • Browser | List | Export as Remix Set
    • Remix Deck | Load Set from List
    • Remix Deck | Meters | Slot Pre-Fader Level (L+R)
    • Remix Deck | Save Remix Set
    • Remix Deck | Slot Punch On
    • Remix Deck | Slot Trigger Type


    Renamed Commands

    Many mapping commands have been renamed and/or moved to another submenu of the Add In and Add Out buttons in Controller Manager. The following table shows all commands from 2.1.x and 2.5.0 with their old and their new name.

    Use the Filter feature of the table to search for specific commands.

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Author: Rainer G Haselier
Last Update: May 23, 2012



Ingo van Lakum
wrote on May 24, 2012 at 14:39
Danke Rainer .... :) wenn es dich nicht geben würde....
 Rainer G. Haselier (admin) says:
Gerne doch.
wrote on May 24, 2012 at 16:12
Thanks Rainer. You the man.

Have you started compiling "known bugs" for this version? I hear having 2 beatmarkers makes you lose sync.

 Rainer G. Haselier (admin) says:
Yes, I am working on an update of the Bugradar. First I will finish the Traktor Bible PDF update.
wrote on May 24, 2012 at 20:20
"Input select" is now basically "Deck flavour selector".
 Rainer G. Haselier (admin) says:
Correct. Input Select could switch only between Deck Audio and External Input (called Live Input now). If I remember it well Input Select was a leftover from Traktor DJ Studio 3.
wrote on May 26, 2012 at 13:09
I m looking for a function...
I wood Like to map a play button for a remix deck And some play Button for sample1 sample2 ... ( ex. Deck 3, slot 1, sample1 => play / deck 3,slot1, sample2 => play / ....)

Is it possible ? And it yes.... Whats the name of this function??

 Rainer G. Haselier (admin) says:
You can use Slot Retrigger Play for simple playback.
Alberto Rocco
wrote on May 26, 2012 at 18:42

I try to remap completely my vms 4 but I can't map scratch features on T2.5!
I think transport/scratch in 2.1.3 isn't Deck common/scratch control on as i can see on the last page, 'cause if I choose it when i try to scratch, it switch continuously between abs/rel and cue/cup.
Someone know how to configure it correctly?

 Rainer G. Haselier (admin) says:
Yes, you are right. This was a copy and paste error by me. Please use Jog Touch and Jog Turn.
wrote on June 4, 2012 at 17:35
Hallo Ihr Spezialisten. Ich bin mit meiner Kombination Denon MC 600 + neuer Traktorversion 2.5 nicht mehr so glücklich. Kann ich denn auf eine vorherige Vesion einfach zurückgehen, oder hat das Program beim Analysieren irgendetwas in die Titel (für den BeatGrit oder so) geschrieben, was die vorherige Version nicht erkennt ??
DJ Derric del Mar
wrote on August 1, 2012 at 13:20
Hallo liebes Traktor-Bible-Team

Ich besitze einen Reloop Digital Jockey 3 Interface-Version und habe in letzter Zeit festgestellt, das sich während eines laufenden DJ-Set´s von mir, der Crossfader selbsständig macht, wenn ich eines der Channelfader bewege! 
Wie kann das sein? 
Welchen Grund gibt es dafür? 
Gibt es ein neues Mapping für diesen Controller und kann es evtl. mit der neuen 2.5 Update-Version zusammen hängen, da es ja bei der neuen Version einige Befehle nicht mehr gibt???
Wäre schön von euch zu hören!

Nice Greetz, euer DJ Derric del Mar 
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