Two Ways to Shorten Loops

There are two ways to shorten the length of an active loop.

Change the Loop Length = Moves the Loop Out Point

The standard method to shorten the loop is to change the loop length. This method is by default mapped on many controllers. If you change the loop length, the loop out point is moved while the loop in point stays fixed. If you create an own mapping you can use the mapping command Cue/Loops | Loop Size (Traktor 2.1.x) or Deck Common | Loop | Loop Size Selector (Traktor 2.5.x).

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Shorten the Loop by Moving the Loop In Point

Sometimes it is desirable that the loop out point stays fixed and that the loop in point is moving towards the end of the loop. This makes it easier to continue playback exactly after the break in a track, when the loop gets deactivated.

This can be done by little trick (thanks to DJ Freshfluke). The four steps that need to be performed in the Traktor user interface can be seen in the following figure:

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  1. Open the Advanced Move Panel.
  2. Set the Move Mode to Loop In.
  3. Set the Move Length to LOOP.
  4. Use the button MOVE BACKWARDS/MOVE FORWARD, to make the loop shorter or longer.

Of course, you can map all steps on your own controller. The following figure shows the mapping commands that need to be mapped to the same encoder in Traktor 2.5. (The commands to open and select the advanced panel have been omitted.) All commands can be found in the submenu Deck Common | Loop of the Add button in Controller Manager.

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Here the same mapping for Traktor 2.1.3. All commands can be found in the submenu Cue/Loops of the Add button in Controller Manager.

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The screenshots in this article were prepared with Xtreme Mapping, Version 1.3. This is the next update of Xtreme Mapping (should be available soon) and the version that fully supports Traktor 2.5. A review of the new version of XM is currently being prepared.

Author: Rainer G. Haselier - June 8, 2012



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This method is awesome, i have been trying to map this to my x1 midi mode, though am having a few diffulculties, since im on windows i cannot use x mapping, would it be possible to give us the steps using the normal control manager in 2.5.1
Any help in this will be appreciated...

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