Traktor Pro S4 – Beyond the Hype, Part 1

Would we see people with sleeping bags living for days in front of the Native Instruments headquarters in Berlin, if NI sold Traktor Pro S4 directly from a little shop? I'm pretty sure the answer is yes; however, there is no NI shop where you can pick up your Traktor Pro S4.

To be honest, I was at all surprised by the hype NI was able to create by some short videos posted on YouTube. Apple, one of the best hype creators, couldn't have done it better. My compliments to the NI marketing guys.

I have been lucky enough to have been able to use the Pro S4 software and the S4 controller for some weeks now, so I won't repeat what you already know from the various videos and sources that were part of the hype. This posting will give a good overview of the new and the changed features in Traktor Pro S4, I shall try to stay rational. It tries to give some deeper insight into what you can expect and/or get and will help users of Traktor Pro/Duo to make the switch.

Version 1.0.0 vs. 1.0.1

If you are one of the happy people getting the S4 package soon , i.e. early in November then install software version 1.0.0. from the DVD, activate it and then download version 1.0.1 with the Native Instruments Service Center application. Version 1.0.1 is the most recent version as of today and this posting is based on that version.

You should do that even BEFORE starting the software for one simple reason. Starting with Traktor Pro S4 each version will have its own dedicated settings folder below your personal folder. For Traktor Pro S 4 version 1.0.0 the folder name will be Traktor S 4 1.0.0 and for version 1.0.1 it will be Traktor S 4 1.0.1. On the first start Traktor Pro S4 will detect an older version and asks you if you wish to import the old collection. So when you start Pro S4 after updating to version 1.0.1 the collection is imported only once and you can remove the Traktor S 4 1.0.0 folder.

See also the Traktor Pro S4 Setup Guide

CHANGED: Moved and Removed Controls

Compared with "normal" Traktor Pro some controls and features have been either moved or removed. The following list contains an overview:

NEW: Sample Decks

Traktor Pro S4 introduces the new deck type Sample Deck. Only deck C and deck D can be configured as sample decks. Each sample deck offers four sample slots. The deck type can be set in the Preferences/Decks dialog in section Deck Flavor. (You can no longer set the deck type with the context menu of the deck letter of the deck anymore as it was possible in Traktor Duo/Pro.)

Setting Deck Flavour

Decks A and B are always set to Track Deck. Deck C and Deck D can be set to either Track Deck, Sample Deck and Live Input (see next section).

Selecting Sample Deck gives you four Sample Slots in the respective deck. The maximum length of the audio that can be loaded into a sample slot is 48 seconds. You can either load a sample from the browser, or copy it from the track deck above the sample deck, or copy a recorded loop from the loop recorder and even copy samples from one slot to another.

The sample slots offer two playback modes: loop and one-shot. Samples that are played in a loop mode are automatically synchronised to the tempo master and continuously looped; one shot samples are played at the original tempo and playback ends at the end of the sample. You can change the playback mode by clicking the mode indicator in the slot.

Looped and One-Shot Samples

You can tag your samples with the playback mode you with which you wish to use them. This can be done either when you import the samples or you can change it later for samples that are already in your collection.

To import samples as loops or one shots open the Explorer/Finder node in Traktor and then browse to the folder where the samples live. Select the files, right-click them and select Import to Collection. Then select either As Tracks, As Looped Samples or As One-Shot-Samples.

Importing Samples To Collection

To change the file type for samples that are already part of your collection you can use the Set type to commands in the context menu of the tracks. Looped samples and one shot samples are marked with a special icon in the first column of the track browser.

Traktor Pro S4 offers two control modes to deal with the slots of one sample deck: either you control all slots at the same time or you select individual slots and then perform action on them. Actions can be: changing the volume, changing the filter, halving or doubling the sample size. (There is no Keylock available for the Sample Slots.)

EXAMPLE: Let's assume you set deck C to sample deck mode and want to change the volume. First use the deck focus button and make sure that the focus is on deck C. The Deck C focus indicator in the display should be lit. Use the Loop Move encoder to change the volume of all four slots.

Now hold Shift and press Hotcue1/Hotcue 3. That selects sample slots 1 and 3; the LEDs in the Hotcue buttons are blinking. Turning the Loop Move Encoder now changes the volume of slots 1 and 3 only.

If you have Traktor Kontrol X1 as well download this mapping that allows you to change the filter and volume of each sample slot with the FX section on the X1

There is much more that you can do with the sample slots but not all possibilities are mapped to the S4 controller. If you go to Preferences/Controller Manager, then click Add In and open the Sample Deck submenu you see all actions that can be mapped.

Sample Slots Commands

CHANGED: Live Input (was Audio Through)

Selecting Live Input (which is the old Audio Through mode) routes the audio from the sources connected to Channel C/D (on the back of the S4 controller) into the internal Traktor mixer. You then can control the audio with the S4 as if the audio would come from a normal track deck: use the EQ, the Filter, the Gain encoder or even the FX units.

After you connected the source to the rear of the S4 controller open Preferences/Input Routing and select the appropriate Inputs either for Input Channel C or Channel D.

ATTENTION: You cannot use FX units 3 or 4 for that side of the controller on which you set the deck mode to Live Input. To be able to control FX unit 3 and 4 you would need to change the deck focus. But: the deck focus button is disabled for that side of the controller. This is a little design flaw and I would expect that it will be repaired in a future version.

NEW: Using a Microphone

Using a microphone with Pro S4 and the controller is quite easy. First connect the microphone to the MIC socket on the rear of the S4 controller. This disables the input of two RCA connectors automatically. Set the THRU/USB switch in section Channel D on the rear of the S4 controller to USB.

You can use the mic in two ways: either with the Live Input mode of one deck or use the dedicated Microphone mode. To configure the mic for Live Input mode go to Preferences/Decks/Deck Flavor and set Deck D to Live Input. Then open Input Routing pane and select in section Channel D the two inputs 3 In: Ch D Left and 4 In: Ch D Right. Now you can set the volume of the microphone with the up-fader of deck D and you can use the equalizer, filter, gain and also the FX unit. Those are the advantages but you loose one deck in this setup.

In dedicated Microphone mode you do not need a deck, but you will not have an EQ for the mic. To setup the routing in this configuration open Input Routing pane and select in section Input Aux the two inputs 3 In: Ch D Left and 4 In: Ch D Right. Now you can change the volume with the knob on the right on the front side of the S4 controller.

NEW: Loop Recorder

One of the other big new features of Traktor Pro S4 is the loop recorder. In the GUI it occupies the part of the middle panel in the Global Section and almost all controls (except the Loop Recorder Source Selector) can be found on the S4 controller as well. To select the source open the menu and select Main, Cue or Aux. Main sends the Master Out to the loop recorder, Cue sends the signal of the deck/s where the Cue/Prelisten button is On and Aux sends the signal that is configured in section Input Aux of the Preferences/Input Routing pane. This could be the microphone (as explained in the section above) or whatever source you connected to the routed inputs (even a CDJ or an iPod).

Use the SIZE button to set the audio length that shall be recorded: it can either be 4, 8, 16 or 32 bars. Press the record button to start the recording. During the recording the SIZE button shows a red frame, the moving marker indicates the recording position. Once the selected length of audio is recorded the frame colour changes to blue and playback of the sample starts.

Loop Recorder

You can use the Dry/Wet knob to set the ratio between the main signal and the loop recorder signal that is sent to the master out ports. Depending on what kind of audio you recorded be careful with the knob. There is a chance that you hear a kind of flanger effect and I wasn't able to get rid of it.

Once recorded the audio inside the Loop Recorder can be overdubbed by pressing RECORD again. Then the new audio material is added immediately you need to press RECORD again to stop recording; it won't stop automatically. To add another layer, press RECORD again and so on.

To restore the recording to the previous state press the UNDO button; if you want to undo the undo-action press REDO.

To keep the audio from the loop recorder in your collection you need to copy it to one of the sample slots. Then the audio is saved and the file is added to the collection.

The loop recorder is a great tool to prepare loops and samples before a gig. I don't think I will use it live often because of the unwanted flanging.

REMOVED: External Mixing Mode

As Traktor Pro S4 is available only bundled with the S4 controller the only mixing mode that is available on the Preferences/Output Routing pane is Internal: the checkbox External was removed.

However, if you want to you can get the External mixing mode and the options to define the routing back to the Preferences dialog.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial that shows how to get External mixing mode back.

REMOVED: External Recording

The default settings to record your mix is using the Master Out signal that the Traktor internal mixer provides. There may be situations when you want to be able to record an external signal. Traktor forum user JuG found out how to get there.

You can find a step-by-step guide to his hack here...

NEW: Looping Backward

One of the looping features requested for a long time is finally here, but unfortunately it is implemented half-heartedly.

When you set an auto loop (by using on of the buttons in the Loop Length selector on the decks) the current playback position is used as the Loop-In-point. Quite often it would be good to be able to use the current playback position as the Loop-Out point after you have heard a few bars you wish to loop.

This can be done with the mapping the command “Backward Loop Size + Set” maybe to a keyboard key. Even though this command has several interaction modes available, the only one that makes sense is Direct; forget the other ones. After selecting Direct as the interaction mode use the list Set to value to choose the desired loop length.

Having this new command available will make a lot of Traktor Pro users that switch to Pro S4 happy. However, the implementation and integration of this great feature could be improved:

Hopefully both features will be implemented in a future version to make Backward Looping really useful.

NEW: Beatmarkers and Hotcues

In the default setting of the S4 controller you have four buttons to set and select hotcues 1 to 4 of a track. (You can change that by open Preferences/Kontrol S4 dialog, open the drop down list Sample Play Buttons and select Hotcue 5-8 from the list. Then you can control the Hotcues 5 to 8 with the sample play buttons on the S4 controller.)

To make optimal use of the four default Hotcue buttons you can exclude the beatmarkers to become hotcues automatically. This is done with the new checkbox on Preferences/Decks.

Excluding Beatmarkers from Hotcues

If the option Include Beatmarkers to Hotcues is checked, then each beatmarker that is either set during the track analysis or manually will be mapped to a Hotcue button (of course, only as long as not all eight Hotcue buttons are occupied). If you uncheck this option beatmarkers can still be set and they show up in the waveform and the stripe of a track, but they are tagged as "not a hotcue" and don't occupy a Hotcue slot.

This option only affects NEW beatmarkers. If you import tracks with beatmarkers that are set in earlier Traktor versions and if those beatmarkers were hotcues as well, the beatmarker hotcues will not be removed.

This ends part 1. One of the topics of part 2 will be the new synchronisation architecture of Traktor Pro S4. This will be available soon.

Meanwhile check the other tutorials that are linked in the Traktor Pro S4 menu as well.

Written by Rainer G. Haselier
Edited by Karl Yates a.k.a. Karlos Santos in the Native Instruments forum
Last update: November 4, 2010


wrote on November 4, 2010 at 17:16
Hey Rainer,

thanks for this technically clear update. A lot of this I did not read anywhere else. Looking forward for the 2nd part.

Kind Rgrds.
 Rainer G. Haselier (admin) says:
Thanks, great to hear that!
wrote on November 11, 2010 at 13:56
Great stuff Rainer very informative just like the bible, can't wait to get my hands on my S4 now
wrote on December 15, 2010 at 00:58
Rainer, thank you so much for a brilliant tutorial, much better written than the S4 manual. You tought me how to do at least 5 new things with this tutorial. Please e-mail me when Part 2 is out. Many thanks
wrote on January 3, 2011 at 07:00
Excellent tips!
Helping me make the most of my new S4, thank you.
dave curtis
wrote on January 15, 2011 at 11:02
This is great info. I loaded the X1 TSI and some but not all of the mappings worked out for me. I'm going through and adjusting. I can't seem to get the filter knob to show up on my sample decks. Where is that setting?
dave curtis
wrote on January 15, 2011 at 11:10
Scratch that... it's the view. Had to hide my mixer to get the filter knobs to show.
wrote on January 21, 2011 at 17:37
Great and usefull stuff again!

In the "Moved and Removed controls"-section I miss something about the 'hide information' button. The constant information 'flag' that shows up when you hold your mouse on a certain point can be annoying, for instance when it is hiding part of playlist. Anything found on that?

Thanks in advance!
wrote on February 1, 2011 at 21:55
I need to know traktor S4 connect to Radio Online. (for mac.) thank you.
wrote on November 6, 2011 at 22:03
I think what you are looking for regarding looping is the Cue/loop move function. Just add a mapping of the Cue set knob push to 'Cue/loop move', Interaction: Direct, Set to value: Back. This jumps the track back by the selected loop size, then the default mapping turns on looping at the selected loop size.

I've also made this button toggle M2, and if a loop is active I make the Cet set push turn off looping, (as while looping I won't want to jump back again and re-trigger looping so this may
wrote on November 6, 2011 at 22:24
Sorry typo - instead of "Cet set push" I meant "Cue set push".

I've uploaded the mapping here
wrote on December 24, 2011 at 20:07
Geez, that's unbleieavble. Kudos and such.
wrote on January 30, 2012 at 01:55
Good job maknig it appear easy.
wrote on July 5, 2012 at 10:37
How do scroll through your crates (folders) in traktor s4
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How do you know each other? book report help (Additional reporting by Pedro da Costa in Washington, Ann Saphir in San Francisco, Steven C. Johnson in New York, Vidya Ranganathan in Singapore and Alistair Smout in London; Editing by Dan Burns, Martin Howell)
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I'm a trainee paid article writing Bill de Blasio, the city's public advocate, was leading the Democratic race with opinion polls showing him close to the 40 percent threshold needed to avoid a run-off, set for October 1 if necessary. His main rivals, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and 2009 Democratic candidate Bill Thompson, are competing for second place.
wrote on January 29, 2015 at 04:59
How many more years do you have to go? teacher homework The FAA learned about the maintenance issue while investigating the evacuation of Flight 436 and directed Allegiant to immediately inspect slides on its MD-80 fleet, said agency official Ian Gregor in Hawthorne, Calif.
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Looking for work professional dissertation writers In other words, Jay Z may be â??just like me, just like anyone, just a normal human being,â? as Cruz said, but heâ??s not looking for star-struck kids and doesnâ??t want just anyone in his business. He wants big stars, like Cruz, and he wants to make them bigger.
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Yes, I play the guitar thesis and dissertation Srinivasan said the price point is a major milestone for Kaleidescape, as its first servers ran upwards of $40,000. He said the lower price point would widen the company’s install base, and, in turn, result in more movies being sold via disc and electronic sellthrough. He said Kaleidescape server owners typically have more than 500 movies in their collection, and buy more than 50 a year after purchasing a system.
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I'd like to open an account good english essay The fact is, Singer could have accepted Argentinaâ??s offer, which would give him a 400% return â?? but he wonâ??t collect anything now, since payments to foreign bondholders can be put through European banks and no other country will side with Caymans vultures. Mind you, Singerâ??s NML (an offshore bank where billions of tax evasion and drug dollars go) already netted $1.3 billion from TARP. And now he wants another $1.4 billion â?? on a 48 million-dollar gamble?
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Where's the postbox? literature based dissertation No, A-Rod isnâ??t retiring, at least not officially. But heâ??s most likely going away; if the 211-game ban he is appealing is upheld or, let's say, cut in half, this will be A-Rodâ??s last home stand for quite some time. He just wonâ??t get a ceremony or the love that Rivera will receive during Sundayâ??s pregame festivities.
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wrote on January 30, 2015 at 22:59
Do you like it here? customer service essay Maura McGowan QC, chairman of the Bar Council, said barristers would examine the document "carefully in the context of the considerable public interest, and concern, which the MoJ's earlier proposals aroused having regard to the importance of this remedy in challenging the decision-making processes of public authorities".
wrote on January 30, 2015 at 22:59
On another call how to write an essay online Boston-based Fidelity said that under the changes, the Fidelity Freedom 2020 Fund, for example, will have 61 percent of its assets in domestic and international stocks, up from a current target of 53 percent. Freedom Funds are designed for investors expecting to retire around the year indicated in each fund's name.
wrote on January 30, 2015 at 22:59
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I'll call back later my best friend essay kids For certain health issues, Americans were optimistic that medical science would perform well in the future. Seven in 10 said that they expect a cure for most cancers by 2050, and 71% said artificial arms and legs will perform better than natural ones.
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Can you hear me OK? writing a case study analysis paper Leonard says Marion County Judge Sheila Carlisle erred by allowing prosecutors to change the original charges of felony murder, a lesser charge, to "knowing" murder. The document says those later charges "are not supported by the facts."
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Another year academic research writing But as the barometer dropped, his hopes began to rise. “I had practised every kind of shot I would need,” he recalled. “I knew the wind could get up, so I had taken short irons off some tees so I had to use a long iron for my second shot. I wanted to be ready for anything.”
wrote on February 1, 2015 at 11:31
Can I use your phone? essay buy online While it's true that stocks fell for five straight days before snapping their losing streak on Thursday, the sell-off has been relatively mild. The three major U.S. market indexes are still up between 17% and 25% for the year.
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I never went to university assignments help uk The first batch of all 165 Chinese hospitals licensed for transplants will promise to stop using organs harvested from death row inmates at the November meeting, he added. Huang did not specify the exact number.


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