.::. TRAKTOR 1.2

HOW TO: Print your Set

A small change in Traktor 1.2 now allows creating useful print outs of your set. The History node and the playlists available in the sub node Explorer/Archive now con-tain correct information about the start time, the duration and the deck in which a track was played.

Follow these steps to save a set as HTML and to print it with your browser:

  1. Open the node Explorer/Archive in the browser tree.
  2. Search for the playlist you wish to print. The playlists are sorted by date; the newest playlist can be found at the end of the node.
  3. Right-click the desired playlist and select Save as Webpage.
  4. Type the name of the playlist into the entry field Playlist Title. The entered name will be used as the filename and as the page title of he HTML file.
  5. Click the ellipsis button and select the folder, where the HTML file shall be saved.
  6. Leave the option Open HTML After Export checked.
  7. Leave the option Open HTML After Export checked.
  8. Double-click the entries in the list List Options to select/deselect the fields that shall be exported into the HTML file.
  9. Click OK.

Once the browser opens the exported HTML file use the browsers normal Print command to send the page to your printer.