Broadcasting with Traktor, Part 1

This tutorial series explains how to broadcast your mix live with Traktor 2.

The parts of this workshop series

Part 1: Broadcasting with own IceCast Server (Windows 7)

Part 2: Broadcasting in OGG Format with (Windows 7/Mac OS X)

Part 3: Broadcasting in MP3 Format with Traktor Kontrol S4 (Windows 7/Mac OS X)

Part 4: Broadcasting in MP3 Format when using external mixing mode (Windows 7/Mac OS X)

Part 1: Broadcasting in OGG Format with own IceCast Server

Icecase LogoPart 1 of this series shows, how you can use the IceCast uplink client integrated in Traktor on Windows. As server the free IceCase 2 server is used.

IceCast Setup

In this configuration the IceCast uplink integrated in Traktor will act as sender. The sender send the audio stream to the IceCast server which is running on the same computer. The listeners connect to this IceCast server, who streams and distributes your mix.

This setup works well if there are only several listeners connected to the IceCast server and if your internet connection provides a high upstream rate. A disadvantage can be, that the Traktor broadcaster can stream in OGG format only, but not in MP3 format.

Traktor Bible Plus
Traktor Bible PlusThis is a Traktor Bible Plus tutorial and the text above gives an overview about the content of the tutorial.

Traktor Bible Plus is a free additional service for all owners of one of the book editions of Traktor Bible.

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