The Wedding of Traktor and Maschine, Part 7

WeddingLogoThis workshop series explains how to use Jack OS X to integrate the audio of Traktor and Maschine without using any additional cabling. Once you finished the workshop you are able to manipulate the Traktor decks with plugins running inside Maschine.



The parts of this workshop

Part 1: Setup for external mixer mode with Traktor Audio 10 (Mac OS X)

Part 2: Setup for internal mixer mode with Traktor Kontrol S4 (Mac OS X)

Part 3: Setup for external mixer mode with Traktor Audio 10 on Windows 7 (coming soon)

Part 4: Setup for internal mixer mode with Traktor Kontrol S4 on Windows 7 (NEW)

Part 5: MIDI Clock Synchronisation of Traktor and Maschine (UPDATE)

Part 6: Insert and Send Effects (coming soon)

Part 7: Some free plugins

Part 5: Some free Maschine Plugins

This part lists some free pluging that you could use with Traktor.

If you know or use a free plugin that you can recommend and that should be listed here, please use the contact form and send me a message. Please note the download link of the plugin and maybe explain why you use this plugin.


Cover CamelCrusher is a multi-effect plugin and offers a distortion effect, a low pass filter and a compressor. The plugin comes with several presets to get you started.

Download CamelCrusher
Added on July 16, 2011


Cover TAL-DUB 3 is a delay plugin. You can use synced delay times or set the delay time freely. The feedback knob is especially optimized for creating infinite delays.

Download TAL-DUB 3
Added on July 16, 2011


GSi WatKat
Cover WatKat is the digital clone of the legendary CopiCat tape echo machine developed by Charlie Watkins in 1958. WatKat is great for Lo-Fi and other a bit weirdo sounds. Have a look at the YouTube video: it shows the original hardware.

Download GSi WatKat

Added on July 16, 2011


mda RoundPan
mda Round Pan mda RoundPan is a 3D AutoPanner developed originally meant to create the impression of the sound circling the listener. For DJing this effect is fun as you can use it to move the sample decks audio around in the stereo space.

Download mda RoundPan and the other mda plugins
Added on July 16, 2011