No. 2: Beatgridding


Download Traktor Bible Tutorial No. 2

Traktor Bible Tutorial No. 2 explains how to beatgrid your tracks in Traktor Pro. The PDF document contains eight small tutorials with step-by-step instructions. The tutorials try to cover most of the standard situations and problems of beatgridding in a way that even “newbies” are able to understand what beatgridding is all about.

A special thank you goes to Traktor newcomers Andreas and André from the Traktor user Forum who took time to read the tutorial and check its’ usability.

Thanks also to Karl Yates [known as Karlos Santos in the Traktor user forum] for checking the English version and helping in making my translated version a pleasurable read for native English speakers. All kudos goes to Karl, if there are still errors in the tutorial please don’t blame him.

Enjoy reading and have fun beatgridding your tracks.