No. 5: Scratch Panels


Traktor Bible Tutorial No. 5 covers the scratch panels in Traktor Scratch Pro and Traktor Scratch Duo. The scratch panels are important ressources for analysing and solving timecode related problems.

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This tutorial is an excerpt from the chapter "Traktor Scratch Pro and Timecode Control" of "Traktor Pro Bible". This chapter contains an in-depth explantion of Timecode Control in Traktor Scratch, explain the differences between absolute and relative mode in a comprehensible way and give troubleshooting tips for spinning with timecode.

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A very special thank you goes to DJ_Maggi from the Traktor user forum. He pointed out the problems arising from a wrongly configured balancing weight and anti-skating settings and provided some of the figures.

And of course thanks to Karl Yates, from the Traktor user forum better known as Moderator Karlos Santos. He has checked my English translation of the original German version and has helped make the English version a more pleasurable read for native English speakers.


This tutorial is an excerpt from chapter "Timecode Control" of Traktor Bible. This chapter conatins an in-depth explaination of the way track synchronization in Traktor works.