Novation Launchpad (MK2) - Effect mapping (updated)

Single page mapping of effects Units 1 & 2 in traktor : Dry/wet knob, effects control knob, toggle effect, Deck A/B FX Units activation
First of all, some credits to ParadoX, this mapping is directly derived from his one (Effect-mapping for novation launchpad)

This is intended to be used in case your djing controller doesn't provide enough controls for effects.

This is an updated mapping for the Novation Launchpad (MK2), which has a different midi notes layout than the one used in the first mapping.

This mapping only applies for FX Unit 1 & 2 in group mode (1 dry/wet button + 3 effects)

There is a single page mapping, divided in two : upper half for FX Unit 1, bottom half for FX Unit 2
For each FX Unit :
  • First row : dry/wet knob (1st pad= 0 / no effect, 7th = 1 / full). Last pad is unused, displays the beat of Deck A/B.

  • 2nd - 4th row : Effect 1-2-3 control (1st pad = 0, 7th = 1 / full). Last pad toggles the individual effect in the group.
  • Arrow Up / Down : Effect selection : This ONLY works if the "toggle effect" pads (8th column) corresponding to the effect to change is pressed (need to hold it while selecting)
  • Session/User1/User2/Mixer : Fx Unit activation for Deck A & B : pretty straightforward.
  • Right-hand buttons : Master level : display the master output level, controls the Master gain in the range -6dB/+6dB

There's still plenty of space to add some functionalities, leave me a message if you think anything is worth implementing.

Have fun !
Novation - Launchpad
Duo, Scratch Duo, Pro, Scratch Pro, Pro S4 - Version 2.6Downloads: 1467
2 decks, 2 FX units
Author: JohanLDate: 8-26-2017

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