3 Decks 1 FX unit full mixer

3 Full decks + 1 FX unit + Mixer
I created this mapping to be able to mix solely with a Xone K2 and it has worked wonders for myself and everyone who has tried it. Excellent tool to learn mixing with little investment (Need a k2 + Traktor + decent sound)

The first three rows are for decks 1,2 & 3. Each deck has EQ, Filter, Lows kill switch, load, cue, monitor, play buttons & loop size selector, loop trigger, individual gains & track jump functions. Everything has LED feedback. Fourth row is made of an FX unit where each know and button is an individual effect, the slider is D/W and the first three buttons trigger which deck/s will be affected. 4th button is used to trigger auto sync global. Lower encoders are used for track browsing (Left is folders, right is tracks, pushing expands or contracts)

There is also a "main" volume control (4th row encoder) and a monitor volume one (same encoder with modifier)

All in all this was a very complete mapping setup that allowed me to learn mixing (Not syncing) by just owning a K2 and it works wonders. I think I have used the Xone to it's maximum capabilities, the only flaw I see with the mapping (and it's an annoying one) is that the filter is not a trigger but a "Hold" button and I have never been able to work around that.

Feedback will be appreciated and if you have suggestions on how to improve my setup I'll gladly take them. Unless your feedback is about the effort I put into the image. It's ugly but I don't care

Hope this helps!

Made by Augusto Blandini
Allen & Heath - Xone:K2
Pro - Version 2.7.xDownloads: 3117
4 decks, 2 FX units
Author: TatutoDate: 3-3-2018




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SimonQ wrote on July 5, 2018 at 15:59
Great mapping, well done. Only this is that for me there are no LEDs at all for ang function. Any tips?


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