FX DECK LPD8 for Traktor Pro 2/3 by 244ROUGH Sound

Hope you enjoy this FX Control Deck.
The new Traktor Kontrol S2 dosn't support FX Decks so i made this mapping.
I think you can find a lot of other use for it.

Best regards from Dortmund, Germany

PLease get the MNapping description from the picture i made.
The colours describe the use of it.

Tere are 2 Decks wich you can chose on (PAD) for Deck A or on (CC) for Deck B
This mapping support FX Unit 1 and FX Unit 2 in Freeze Mode.
The effects for FX Unit 1 can be choosen under (PAD) or (CC) will work on both decks.

Have a great time!
Akai - LPD 8
Pro, Scratch Pro - Version 2.9Downloads: 657
2 decks, 2 FX units
Author: FraGzone1Date: 12-1-2018

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