APC Key 25 - 2 decks + loops + cues + file browser - w/ LED feedback

2 decks + master volume + EQ.
Matrix: hotcues, looping, beat jump, file browsing, etc w/ LED feedback.

High resolution image guide included in the .zip.

I made this config after months looking for a proper one around the net. I've stumbled across different configs but none of them fit my needs, since most of them don't take enough advantage of the led matrix - which is the biggest feature in the APC Key 25.

This config features LED feedback for most functions, while taking advantage of the SHIFT button with a set of simple conditions for multi functions.

Using the matrix, you're not only able to jump to hot cues, but also create and delete them. You can also activate looping and set the size, move through decked songs, sync, set master, toggle monitoring, etc.

Please refer to the visual guide for specific instructions. I've included a high resolution copy inside the .zip.

Also, the comments inside the config window have a few inconsistencies, so go for the visual guide.

If you have any questions or need help with any thing, please contact me at untilde.music@gmail.com

Cheers and have fun!

- untilde

1- Figure out a smart use for the keyboard. Maybe slicing.
2- Find a way to map transport buttons. Traktor doesn't seem to detect them.
3- Fix comments in the configuration window.
4- Add page scrolling for the folder tab (currently available only for the tracks trab)

PS: My friends have tested it in Traktor Pro 2 and it seems to work fine.
PS: Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Free to modify and redistribute. Credits are appreciated.
Akai - APC Key 25
Pro - Version 3.0xDownloads: 689
2 decks, no FX units
Author: tllllviDate: 1-15-2021




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