TeLLy's Trigger Finger TSI

Final copy of my M-Audio Trigger Finger mapping, designed to complement the Korg Zero4 TSI I have also uploaded to this site.

See this thread for more details:
- As you can see from the preview pic, the controller is split to left side/right side, left controlling C/A and right controlling B/D. These are identical controls (not mirrored)
- The C/A SEL and B/D SEL knobs select focus, minimize the inactive decks, and maximize the active decks that you're selecting. I have it oriented in the same way as my turntables (see Zero4 mapping)
- The controls will work only on the deck that you've selected; you will have to turn the knob to select your desired deck if it's not already selected in order to work on it. For example, if you're currently working on Deck C and want to beatjump a track in Deck A, you HAVE to turn the knob from C to A. If you only use two decks, then don't touch these knobs and you'll stay on A and B only.
- Pitch control is really Speed/Tempo Control and set like a turntable; pull towards you (down) to speed up, push away from you (up) to slow down. This can be reversed if you like it the other way round.
- Loop size is laid out so pushing the fader UP increases loop size, pushing down decreases it. This can be reversed without detriment.
- <-CUE and CUE-> simply jump to the previous or next cue point on the selected deck.
- SYNC is only momentary as I don't normally autosync my tracks; I'm a timecode guy so this is really only to snap a track back to attention if I've gotten careless and the mix is getting gallop-y. This can easily be changed to on/off by switching the button mode to TOGGLE.
- The MOVE buttons work in two ways. First, you use the JUMP+- knob to select how long you want the jump interval to be. As soon as you start moving this knob, the advanced pane comes up for that deck and you can see how far forward or back you'll be jumping with the MOVE buttons. Second, if you wish to use them just for bending, turn the BEND knob at the top of the TF. Turning the knob doesn't adjust anything but just turns on the Modifier I've assigned to have bending work with the MOVE buttons. To go back to JUMP functionality you'll have to give the JUMP +- knob another quick little twist.
- I don't really use the SEEK knob but I threw it in there just in case I need to scroll quickly through a track.
M-Audio - Trigger Finger
Scratch Pro - Version 1.2.5Downloads: 3034
4 decks, 2 FX units
Author: TeLLyDate: 3-25-2010

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