Trigger loops that end at the current position rather than start there

Is the old track running out before you've satisfactorily brought in the new? Press Shift+FX Mode to start the track looping, but the loop ends at the current play position. In effect this skips back by the currently selected loop length then sets a loop in the usual way.

This was made possible by djdoraemon's discovery of the invert option on button 'trigger' and 'direct' mode. As the order in which mappings are triggered is random, until now this vital function has been elusive. However ticking Invert on a trigger or direct triggers the mapping on button release. This mapping works by triggering a skip backwards on the press of the button, then setting the loop when you release the button.

Note that when 'direct' is selected, the 'invert' option is hidden. However the option still works. The hiding of it is presumably a bug, as it is displayed and works for 'trigger' type mappings.

Full details, and don't miss the video, here:
Native Instruments - Kontrol S4
Pro S4 - Version 2.1.xDownloads: 4122
2 decks, 2 FX units
Author: technicaltitchDate: 12-3-2011




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