Traktor Bible's DB4/K2 Mapping Package, Part 2: K2, 3 +1 Mode

This mapping contains the K2 mapping for the Traktor Bible DB4/K2 Mapping package. It allows controlling three track decks and one sample deck from the K2. (Part 3 of this mapping package has an alternative K2 mapping to control two track decks and two sample decks).
The ZIP file contains a PDF document explaining setup and use of this mapping.

Find the companion mapping for the DB4 here:

Version 1.0, Initial Release, March 21, 2012

Version 1.01, Fixed a Bug in LED Output of Beat Feedback in lower four buttons (Play/Load), March 22, 2012
Allen & Heath - Xone:K2
Pro, Scratch Pro - Version 2.1.xDownloads: 4190
4 decks, no FX units
Author: Rainer G. HaselierDate: 5-10-2012




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