VCI-100 Map for Traktor 1.1.x / 4 Decks EXTERNAL

Controls 4 decks. Emphasis put on loop sizing and FX controls. Additional decks C+D are controlled when 'Shift'/Modifier key is pressed.
Complete documentation coming soon.
Please import both Midi map and FX Settings. Shift key is the second of three buttons in the top left section. In traktor 1.2.x, you can assign Deck C to FX Unit 3 and Deck D to FX Unit 4

Created from scratch.

Edit : new file uploaded on 31/march/2010. Should solve a bug with the list browser on jogs function when using Traktor 1.2.x.
Vestax - VCI-100
Pro - Version 1.1.2Downloads: 2747
4 decks, 2 FX units
Author: chachakoalaDate: 5-28-2010

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