Traktor S2 - 4 deck

Duplicated DJTT S2 mapping to control 4 decks.
This is modified DJTT mapping with idea to replace jog fx mode to control decks C and D. I've been asked to try make this work and because I don't own kontrol S2 I thought to upload it here so he can dl it and test instead of me.
Press shift+tempo reset per side to enter deck mode C or D.
For more information:


1. EQ, monitor cue and volume fader C and D add. (work)
2. Gain and filter C and D add. (work)
3. Play C and D add. (work)
4. Key lock, beat sync, set to master, cue and seek position 0.000 C and D add. (work)
5. Loop in/out move with jog encoder all four deck add. Hold "loop in" to move IN and for OUT hold "loop out" then turn jog. Simple as that :) (work)
6. Key amount four deck instead of loop active and move function, click to reset. LED output meters C and D add. (work)
7. Tempo fader with reset function C and D add, LED support. (work)
8.S ample on buttons "A" and "B" now lit to indicate deck C and D mode. Jog pitch banding and scratch deck C and D add. (work)
9. Jog seek position (shift+) and load deck C and D add. (work)
10. FX units on 1 and 2 for deck C and D add. Beat phase monitor (work)
11. Hotcues and loop set. size for deck C and D add. (work)
12. Filter encoder increased 50% > 55% and key encoder reduced 50% > 40%.
13. When in deck C or D mode, while holding shift press:
-Deck C/D effect unit 1 on: direct to track deck (second press go full size)
-Deck C/D effect unit 2 on: direct to sample deck (work)
14. Samples C and D. (work)
15. In deck C or D mode press shift + headphone CUE activate echo freeze. (work)
16. FX unit 1, single mode LED's fix (work)
Native Instruments - Kontrol S2
Pro - Version 2.1.xDownloads: 14695
4 decks, 2 FX units
Author: vstiDate: 5-5-2012




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jessek_edm wrote on April 27, 2012 at 04:18
Ive been playing around with this because i love the idea. Few things to fix. First the loop in an out does not work on decks A and B. As well when pushing the right loop button the track on the other side is removed.
 vsti replies
Loop /in/ and /out/ feature is removed from mapping because this buttons now control loop in/out move. Hold /loop in/ and move jog wheel to manipulate loop in point and hold /loop out/ button for loop out move as well. It is a four deck feature. There wa
vsti wrote on April 28, 2012 at 23:53
There was issue with set loop C - unloading focused deck which is fixed now.
exechapur wrote on May 10, 2013 at 00:32
hi pal, i really like and enjoy this mapping, but why did you edited the original mapping? it's almost perfect, i don't think someone likes to map the pan or the dry wet to the move knob, if you let it 100% original but with 4 decks, of course, i'd love i
exechapur wrote on May 10, 2013 at 00:34
also the key, i never use it, do you have the original mapping without this modifications? i'd be very thankfull


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