four layers of control people plus leds right up in yer grill

four layers of controls. The first, with shift and hotcue buttons off everything works as normal.  With Shift on (set shift to toggle and midi control (shift + hotcue) off) is effect select top to knobs on deck b (set deck b to chained) and filter button, deck a is dry wet knob.filters on ect.  When hotcue on is hotcues work normally, shift and hotcue on is sample deck recording and transporting,
Use the shift button and wet dry knobs on deck b to select effect, turn it off and the wet dry function is enabled, shift and top knob deck a efx select, shift loop move is  sample size shift push tree expand left side is start sample record deck a filter three button is stop / play sample and shift fx1 button erase. shift + hotcue, cue load slot one deck d cup load slot two play, three, sync is load slot four, hit these buttons again and they are cued hit in to trigger slot one, out 2, <beat, three, and beat> to trigger slot four, these buttons also will stop the slot play. all button functions retain stated use when shift+hotcue is off, shift works normally deck a and be and hotcue the same way. Shift +hotcue with deck d as a track deck works on deck b for hotcue functions.  I know I didnt do a great job explaining this but check it out anyway the led’s will be worth it. 
Native Instruments - Kontrol X1
Pro - Version 2.0.3Downloads: 3646
4 decks, 2 FX units
Author: dougtekDate: 12-9-2012

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dougtek wrote on September 2, 2012 at 11:44
I really should have noted that in traktor you have to go to the x1 preferences and turn “midi mode” off, sorry.


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