Alternate X1 Emulator (4FX)

Goal of this mapping was to make Default X1 Emulator mapping more suitable for DVS Turntablist with multiple midi devices  
  • Retained X1 Emulator part of the mapping  
  • Removed mixer mapping (Not using K2 internal sound card) 
  • FX1, FX2 (preset for Group)
  • FX3, FX4 (preset for Single) 
  • FX units can be assigned to any deck
  • Tested with DJTT Novation Dicer mapping for Traktor Pro.
  • Tested with Default mapping for Traktor Kontrol F1 
  • Allen & Heath - Xone:K2
    Pro - Version 2.5Downloads: 4810
    2 decks, 4 FX units
    Author: ken_chuangDate: 7-31-2012




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