Control Traktor with APC40 + cool feature pages

full control(except FX) of traktor with APC40. 4channels with EQ(low,mid and high), loops, hotcues, CUE, CUP, pitchfaders. No FX yet.

I hope it is all clear on the template. If you have some questions or suggestions you can always contact me. I'm working on a template with FX. Hope to finish it soon and will upload it here.

This TSI only works completely when you first start Ableton( I noticed it also works by starting fl studio first instead of ableton), close it when the red rectangle appeared and then open traktor. I will check if i can create a template that can be used directly when opening traktor .

Here's a little summary of what you can control on the first page. 

- The faders control the volume and pitch and mastervolume. 
- Crossfader.
- Start/stop and activate loop.
- Knobs control gain and EQ + buttons for kill.
- pads are hotcues, CUE and CUP.
- looplength can be increased and decreased.
- Handy scrolling in the browser with one knob.
- Shortcutbuttons

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Akai - APC 40
Pro, Scratch Pro, Pro S4 - Version 2.5Downloads: 4042
4 decks, no FX units
Author: Gon-ZDate: 9-6-2013

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