3 Decks, 1 FX

Headline says it all:  one FX line and three channels allow for a fun/dynamic approach to just one controller.  See the photo & description for more.
The far left column on your K2 controls both FX1 and FX2.  Remaining columns are set up for Traktor decks A, B & D.  (Deck C in Traktor doesn't get no Love this time).  Top left potentiometer can adjust Tempo up/down, but ONLY when Deck A is the Tempo Master.

Pay special attention to the different roles of the white buttons above the four faders.  Leftmost columns control FX1/2 on & off functions, while the rightmost column has no mappings.  The second to right is where Tempo Master Set buttons correspond to Traktor decks A, B & D, going from top to bottom.

Bottom right button is Record on/off, which is nice to have for instant digital recordings.
Allen & Heath - Xone:K2
Pro - Version 2.6.2Downloads: 4035
2 decks, 2 FX units
Author: dik909Date: 12-22-2013




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mp45646365 wrote on June 28, 2014 at 14:38
on which midi channel did u set this one up? here using Traktor 2.6.8 but this template fails to work with it.


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