2 x K2 Internal mixing 4 Decks 4 FX units

Mixer and X1 replacement
Hi to all K2 mappers.

I made this mapping as I was trying to travel lighter. No DJM800, less cables, quicker set-up. I never really liked the S4. Workflow doesn't do it for me so I choose 2 K2's to do this with. I've used the lights-out philosophy. Basically if there is no light it's not switched on. Maybe slightly more difficult to navigate, but gives a clean controller where an on switch is noticed quickly.

I've included filled out overlay's. I hope the text in combination with these overlay's will make sense.

The 1st K2 is a full replacement of the DJM. Standard control set-up like a mixer. I have always set-up my controls from top-left to bottom right. Even with 2 X1's, so ACBD, make's more sense to me, but feel free to adjust.

It starts with filter on/off and adjust, then all the EQ's with kill switches and deck volume at the faders. 
Row 1/2, deck A/C route effect units 1/3
Row 1/2, deck B/D route effect units 2/4
Row 3 flux mode on/off
Row 4 monitor on/off
Layer button extended lay-out
Exit set-up button mixer lay-out
1st rotary switch monitor volume
2nd rotary switch monitor mix

The 2nd is 2 X1's combined in 1 K2. I've incorporated only the functions I used from my set-up. Mapped like the ACBD mixer set-up, but then FX unit 1324. Green button works instantly, purple secundary requires the shift button to be held.
Top rotary switches are to set loop or seek track.
Effect units are identical and run from top to bottom. Red lighting means FX in group mode, orange in single. 
Browse list rotary is mapped to select browse lay-out. In browse lay-out the browse tree rotary is mapped to open tree folders.
CUE 1 is mapped to set track to the first grid-marker. I only just started to set-up my tracks with load markers, something I should have done from the beginning, but this works quick as well. 

Enjoy my mapping, feel free to mail if you have any questions.

Happy mixing.
The Netherlands
Allen & Heath - Xone:K2
Pro - Version 2.6.2Downloads: 5235
4 decks, 4 FX units
Author: Paulvankordelaar@gmail.comDate: 2-28-2014




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