Reloop Terminal Mix 8 2 Deck 2 Remix Decks über 400 Einträge

2 Deck 2 Remix Decks for Sample Pads
Hallo alle Zusammen,
ich habe mich an die Arbeit gemacht und mein erstes großes Mapping für den Terminal Mix 8 geschrieben. Ich hoffe der eine oder andere kann was damit anfangen und evtl. noch weiter dran arbeiten!
Ich habe über 400 Mapping befehle eingegeben... da ist aber noch Luft nach oben :-)

Enjoy my first Reloop Terminal Mix 8 Traktor Pro 2 Mapping (Version 2.6.8)

- 2 Decks Track
- 2 Remix Decks Samples
- Sync on/off (use Shift + Sync)
- Loop Pads and Loop Knob (on/off)
- Cue Points 1-8 on Pads to delete press shift + cue buttons who u want to delete
- FX 1/2 for Deck A Shift + 1/2 for Deck C (on/off)
- FX 1/2 for Deck B Shift + 1/2 for Deck D (on/off)
- FX Toggle with Shift + FX Unit Button or change with Shift + Knob
- FX Dry/Wet use the Shift + Loop Knob
- Flux Mode on/off (Serato Slip Mode Button)
  Each Side press Sample Button to Trigger Cell Line 1 and 2 for Deck C and D
  Press Shift= Green line ( Load a Sample in the Cell)
                   White = Playmode Once ord Red= Playmode Loop for Cell
  If u Press Sample Button again its Flashing now u can Trigger Cell Line 3 and 4
  so u can use max. 16 Samples each Deck i think thats enough.
  If u now press the Shift Button while Sample is Flashing:
                      Pink Line: Trigger Mode stop or playing to end for each Cell
                      Dark/Yellow Line: Fx on/off for each Cell
  Press Deck 3 and 4 Button if Sample not Flashing:
  Green Line: Mute on/off
  Pink Line: Stop/Delete Cell
- Slice Button:
  Sample: x2 , :2, reset
- Sample Volume Knob are for all Lines
- Browser Button to search in Playlist
- Filter Knob for each Deck

coming soon more...
Reloop - Terminal Mix 8
Duo - Version 2.6.xDownloads: 4199
2 decks, 2 FX units
Author: FankingDate: 6-2-2014




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