VCI-100 firmware 1.3 4Decks+4FX (Modular) vrs. 5.3.1

vrs. 5.3.1 (with Modular Mapping)
4 Deck control,4 FX Control (1+2:Advanced, 3+4: Chained),
Hot Cue Mode,
1 Function key for each side of the vci,
TEMPO + TEMPO FINE (with Function Key pressed),
Colored coded jpg included

A newer version 5.3.2 can be found here

Modular Mapping is how i call it, because the whole vci is divided into 3 main (Different) mappings that all have the same vci as input/output.The 3 main mapping are
2.Deck & EQ
From the names you can understand which part of the VCI is Each.
Additional to that, you can add more mappings like FX automation to add more features. I have created an fx automation DELAY CUT.
Also a user that knows his ways around midi mapping can adjust each part of the whole mapping more easily. But be carefull as the 2 first mappings are linked in some buttons

1. for the four deck view you will need to adjust you views from the preferences, the first should be 2 decks and the second should be 4decks.
2. A you will see in the jpg the letters are colored coded, so the blue letters is in conjunction with the FUNCTION button (works as a HOLD button), the Yellow is for the Hot Cue Mode (On/Off), the Red for the Loop, and the Orange for the PREVIEW (HOLD button)
3. The 3 FX pages are devided into 2 BANKS, Press the Button named BANK B to enter the bank B mode.
4. The Delay cut automation will use FX Engine 2. It will activate by holding the FUNCTION button and the Monitor CUE button of each Deck, it will Deactivate by doing the same thing.
Vestax - VCI-100
Pro - Version 1.2.5Downloads: 2486
4 decks, 4 FX units
Author: themistoklisvDate: 7-5-2010

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