VCI-100 firmware 1.3 4Decks+4FX (Modular) vrs. 5.3.2 - TP2 tested!

Tested on Traktor Pro 2.0.3, works fine!
vrs. 5.3.2 (with Modular Mapping)--4 Deck control--4 FX Control (1+2:Advanced or Chained, 3+4: Chained)--Hot Cue Mode (Hot Cues 1-4 or 5-8)--TEMPO + TEMPO FINE(Always wondering how to Fine tempo your Track?)--SCRATCH or CDDJ mode--Colored coded jpg included--Detailed Info Text included--Minor Bug fixes from previous version 5.3.1
vrs. 5.3.2

This is an update from my previous version 5.3.1 you can find here->
I have also included in the .zip file a Text document with more detailed explanation of the mapping

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a.[BROWSER.tsi] Added the "Unload Track" command (from the preview player) when the preview button was released

b.[DECK&EQ.tsi] Removed the "REVERSE" function, the reason is that Firmware 1.3 (for the VCI-100) has a bug with the left button (Originally labeled as "SYNC"). So the function was useless. Also this wasn't an original TRAKTOR function, it was just a workaround.

c.[DECK&EQ.tsi] I added a final fix for the "TEMPO BEND" issue i always had.
Let me explain: If, lets say you had enabled a loop,with the deck stopped, and the PitchBended that deck then the LOOP would deactivate when you'ed hit the CUP/Play. This is something tha the NI guys told me that is how Traktor works. The First fix I did for this, was to put a Condition in the TEMPO BEND to work only when the deck was playing. But if you somehow managed to press CUE button while BENDING the track, then the Bend was Kept ON, the Cue wouldn't work and you had to press play to go back to normal and loose the loop :-) . Anyway I just Added a command so when you press the CUE button the TEMPO BEND resets. And that's all.

d.[DECK&EQ.tsi] I have Added HotCues 5-8, they are mapped at the same buttons as HC1-4, You Can use only one group at a time, that is HC1-4 or HC5-8. In order to enable the second HotCue Mode just Hold the "FUNCTION" button while enabling the HotCue mode.
Vestax - VCI-100
Pro, Scratch Pro - Version 2.0.0 - 2.0.3Downloads: 5229
4 decks, 4 FX units
Author: themistoklisvDate: 10-2-2011

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