All in One - 4ch Mixer, special Filters & EQs, Transport, Loops etc. - customizable

This is a mapping to control nearly all functions in Traktor.
The EQs have a special mode like Xone:DB2, Xone:DB4 or PlayDifferently Model 1.
Guide to Gyler Durden's Advanced Mapping for the Xone K2 and Traktor

First of all: I don't use pictures here, just text. But I'll try to keep it as simple as possible.
Still, you should know how to import a .tsi-file and such.

I wanted to create a mapping for my A&H Xone:K2 that enables me to control the transport section of four decks and use Traktor Pro's internal mixer.
As a gimmick, I've have utilized Traktor's four FX units to give every channel a high cut and a low cut filter, similarly to the A&H Xone:DB2, Xone:DB4 or Richie Hawtin's PlayDifferently Model 1. This is trick based on an idea by Jacob Stadtfeld, thanks a lot for that.

First of all, set your K2 to MIDI channel 5 and latching layers off. If you don't know how to do this, have a look at the manual provided by A&H.
After that is done, import the .tsi-file from this mapping, sort the commands by name and scroll down to the „Effect 1 Selector“ commands. Make sure that „Set to value“ is set to „Filter:92“. If you can't find „Filter:92“, make sure this effect is in „pre-selected Effects“ under the “Effects”-rider in the preferences window. Repeat for each “Effect 1 Selector” command. This is necessary because Traktor Pro gives the effects different numbers on every installation.

This mapping has four different modes which can be selected by pressing and holding the square buttons on the bottom of the K2. I'll call these buttons L(eft) and R(ight) from here on.
If neither L or R is pressed, you are in basic mode, if L is pressed, you are in transport mode, if R is pressed, you are in meter/custom mode, and if both are pressed, you are in correction mode.
Depending on the mode, the rotaries and the 4x4 buttons below the faders have different functions. If a button's or rotary's description is missing in a certain mode, this means that it has no function in this mode.
The mixer-section, EQs/filters and channel faders, stay the same with every mode.

The top knob controls the high EQ, and if you press the button below it, it switches to a hi cut filter.
The middle knob controls the mid EQ, and if you press the button below, it switches to control the resonance of the filter.
The bottom knob controls the low EQ, and if you press the button below it, it switches to a low cut filter.
Switching between EQ and filter is possible for every single knob, not only per channel.
Green LEDs show that this knob is in EQ mode, red LEDs show that it is in filter mode.
If the LED is yellow, it shows that that you have reached the base value of this knob (+/- 0 dB on EQs, min/max frequency on filters). This is a workaround because the knobs on the K2 do not have a middle dent. Sometimes the LEDs may flicker or change their color, this is because of the internal handling of the LED output by Traktor. This is a bug and can not be fixed.
The channel fader controls the DECK VOLUME.
All knobs and faders have soft takeover, so you can switch between EQ and filter without cutting the sound of.

Basic Mode:
The top rotary doubles or halves the loop length, pressing the rotary toggles the loop.
The top button of the four toggles CUE MONITOR.
The second button toggles SYNC.
Hold the third button to CUE.
The bottom button toggles PLAY.
The bottom left rotary controls CUE MIX.
The bottom right rotary controls CUE VOLUME.

Transport Mode (L pressed):
The top rotary jumps through the track, either by LOOP LENGTH, or if no LOOP is active,
Allen & Heath - Xone:K2
Pro, Scratch Pro - Version 2.10Downloads: 4576
4 decks, no FX units
Author: Gyler DurdenDate: 10-27-2016




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