The Samples section on is a unique web application that allows you to find samples by using an attribute browser. Use the samples in the Traktor sample decks or edit them so that they fit your needs.


With a free TraktorBible account you can upload and download samples.

Click here to register and to create a new account.
Click here to login with your existing account.


Use the upload page to add new samples that you have created. It is not allowed to upload samples that you haven’t created yourself or that violate any copyrights.

Use either WAV or MP3 files (use 320kbps if you want to share MP3 files). The maximum file length allowed is 48 seconds (this is the maximum length for samples loaded in one of the Traktor sample slots).

Once the file has been uploaded it takes a few minutes to create the waveform images and the preview audio files. Until then the file is visible on your 'My Samples' page but not yet on the 'public' page.


You can upload either single sample files or complete sample packages.

Use sample packages when you want to offer the same loop in different keys. Upload one audio file; it will be used by the preview player on the website. Compress all samples into a ZIP, and upload this file as well. The ZIP file will be sent to other users when they click on Download.


Use the Search page and the attribut browser to find samples. Click the attributes in the browser or select the options in the upper part of the page to see the number of samples that match your criteria:

  • Attributes selected in one column are combined by OR.
  • The individual columns are then combined by AND.

Once you are happy with the number of samples found click the Results link below the browser to see the matching samples.

The last row in the attribute browser makes it easy to either reset the complete form or to reset the respective column.


To make finding samples that match your search criteria (tempo, attributes, key) even more easy you can save the search criteria in a filter. All saved filters are accessible via the menu. All users can save up to three filters. Owners of the Traktor Bible book can save up to fifteen filters. Use the 'My Filters' link in the menu to see the definition of your filters and to delete them.

Click here to open the verification page if you own the Traktor Bible and if you want to increase the limit for the saved filters.


Use the 'Mail Producer' link below the sample to get in touch with producer of the sample. This link is only available if the producer allows replies.

Use the form to type your message. You will receive a copy of the mail that has been sent.


The Options page allows you to configure some settings:

  • Set the number of samples you want to see on each page
  • Select the colour scheme for the waveform images
  • Select the display format for the samples key


The samples section has some nice gimmicks:

  • Use 'New since last login' to see all samples that were uploaded since your last login.
  • Use 'My Downloads' to see all samples you downloaded. This page is useful to get in touch with the producer at a later moment or if your computer crashed and if you want to re-download the samples you liked.
  • Each uploaded sample automatically gets a short url in the following format:[shorturl]. This makes sharing one sample very easy. You find the short url by clicking the 'Share' link below the sample.
  • If you think that a sample violates any copyright use the 'Report' link below that sample to contact us so that we can take appropriate measures.


The samples section uses HTML5 features for audio playback. This allows browsing the samples on the iPhone and iPad too. The site has been tested with the following browsers:

  • On Windows: Firefox 3.6, Firefox 4.0 - 6.0, Safari 5.0.3 und Internet Explorer 9
  • On Mac OS X: Safari 5.0.3, Firefox 3.6, Firefox 4.0-6.0 and Chrome 7.0.517.44
  • iOS: Safari

You will have the best audio experience with Firefox 4.


A very special thank you to all members of the testing team: Frace, Jorge, Karlos, Mr Rubens, Paddy, Photojojo, Telly and Timo. Their valueable feedback helped me to make the samples section as good as it is now.

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