Controlling two Timecode Decks with one Turntable/CDJ

This tutorial shows how to use the Single Turntable Mode of Traktor. In Single Turntable Mode two Traktor decks share one timecode signal.

This is useful if you have only one turntable/CD player or if a player dies during a gig.

You can download the Add On mapping for this tutorial from the TraktorBible mappings section here:
Single Turntable Mode Add-on Mapping


The Steps from the Video at a Glance

  1. Connect turntable/CD player to Port C of S4
  2. Turntable with Phono Level Signal = Input Mode Switch to Phono, otherwise to Line
  3. Preferences/Input Routing: route input port C to deck A and deck B
  4. Preferences/Decks: make Scope panel visible
  5. Deck letter context menu: set deck mode to Scratch Control
  6. Activating a timecode mode on one deck sets the other deck to internal playback automatically


Author: Rainer G. Haselier
Published on September 2, 2011